My Screenplay Projects

A working list of my screenplay projects finished and in development.

Working Title: Omaha (Complete)

Story began taking form in the 1980s. Notebook writings for a decade. Written in 2003 with a writing partner, Shane Powers (Shane Show RadioTwitter). Optioned in 2004-05. Currently gathering dust…

Working Title: Just Say Yes (Second Draft)

Conceived in the 1993. Began writing in late 1990s. Finished a very rough draft in one weekend in 2004. Finished first draft in June of 2019. Currently working on the second draft. 117 pages in the books.

Working Title: Pallbearer, Inc. (First Draft)

Conceived in 2005-2006. ACT I and ACT III in the books. 45-50 solid pages. ACT II is comprised of vignettes that have me moving at a snails pace.

Working Title: 1979 (First Draft)

Conceived in August 2019. Outlining… Have 25-30 pages complete going into 2020.

Working Title: In Search of Dave (Draft)

Conceived in late 1990s with a working title of “In Search of DLR”. Have 35-40 pages complete and then a very, very strange outline.

Working Title: My Coffee With Nihilism Jones (Draft)

Conceived in 2009 with ideas, scenes and dialogue fragments scattered throughout a multitude of notebooks spanning two decades.

Working Title: The Great Fall Apart Pie (Draft)

Currently over 200 pages of dialogue centering around a conversation between two friends at a coffee shop. Paying homage to Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn and Louis Malle, My Dinner With Andre. Conceived in December 2018 and writing began in early 2019.

Working Title: Cowboys & Indians (Draft)

Ideas began appearing in 2018. Writing began in September of 2019.

Working Title: Cool (Draft)

I began sketching the characters that found their way into Cool in 1995-1996. I was working on Cool in early 2001-2002, when I realized Cool was the first story of three: Cool – Just Say Yes – Backlog.

Working Title: Backlog (Draft)

Backlog became Omaha, kinda.

Working Title: The Reunion (Draft)

Began committing ideas that had been dancing around my head to paper in September of 1995 after attending a family reunion.

Working Title: Driveway Rats (Draft)

Began committing ideas to paper in 2008-2009 after watching my son and his neighborhood friends play basketball from sun up until sun down and win a championship in a club league the following winter.

Working Title: Stove Mountain (Draft)

Story took form in 2009 after an extended trip with my family that took us to Stove Mountain in Durango, Colorado. A second trip, with my mother, to Colorado in 2013 got me writing.

Working Title: The Shuck & Jive (Draft)

I don’t think I’m funny. I’m not spontaneous and rarely do I frolic, but when I do, it shows up in The Shuck & Jive. I think it’s a comedy and the only thing I know for sure is that I always loop Boz Scaggs’ Lido Shuffle when I open The Shuck & Jive.

Working Title: Metaphysics of Music (Draft)

Somewhere between Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, High Fidelity and Wonder Boys is my Metaphysics of Music. Multiple outlines. Scene and dialogue fragments.

Working Title: The Road To Indy (Draft)

Story based on my experiences with my son Joey’s Little League Baseball Team that won a state championship and went on the road in hopes of making it to the Little League World Series in Williamsport in the summer of 2015.

Working Title: Dundee (Outline)

Story about a neighborhood.

Working Title: Taking The Bus To Mars (Draft)

Scribbles on napkins, notebooks cover a week in March of 2004 outlining my trip with Nihilism Jones to Los Angeles for the table reading of Omaha, a script I wrote with Shane Powers (Twitter) in 2003, and the insanity that unfolded.